One the other hand, to make sure that our supply is matchless in quality, we have a quality control panel. For the packaging of oils we have built our own Filling and Bottling Plant.

Our Team

Our employees are the reason for our efficiency to handle all business operations. We are supported by a team of more than 50 employees who are dedicated and knowledgeable. They work hard to improve oil production as well as the business methodologies. Our team consists of procuring agents, manufacturing team, quality analysts, packaging experts and sales and marketing team. Owing to their hard work, we are able to acquire a strong position in the domestic as well as international markets. 

Our Competitive Edge

There is a reason behind everything. Behind our success and all our achievements till the date, the reason is our expertise in the business and our dedication. We have been always honest towards our customers and provided them with the best products. Following are some other factors which make us superior and trustworthy in the market:

  • All the processes are handled carefully by our team of employees using high end machines.
  • For extracting best quality oil, our workers use some of the smart methods and processes such as neutralizing, refining, dry fractionation, seed milling, bleaching and deodorizing, extraction etc.
  • To increase credibility of oil, we make sure that all the bottles have detailed information labelling, net quantity, cost, manufacturing and expiry date etc.
  • The range is supplied in high quality barrels and bottles to avoid wastage.


The Infrastructure of the company has many units such as manufacturing, quality control, packaging and delivery. It is equipped with high end machines such as Oil Expellers, Cooking Oil, Vegetable Cooking Oil, Press Crushers, De-Hulling Machines, Heat Exchangers, Filters, Packing Machines, Hi-tech Printing Machines etc.

Warehousing Unit and Packaging Unit

Our warehousing unit helps us in meeting the demands of the customers on urgent basis. It is built on a large piece of land and have voluminous space for the storage of consignment. Our packaging unit is handled by our professional packaging team. Their work is to make sure that the barrels and bottles of oil are appropriately packed. Our bottling and filling plant increase the efficieny of our work and also save time.

Applications of Our Pure Mustard Oil

Our Mustard oil find its usage in many areas such as:

  • Mustard Oil Usage in Diwali
  • Mustard Oil to Please Shani Dev Ji (Saturn)
  • Mustard Oil Usage in Wedding
  • Mango and Gram Pickel Made By Pure Mustard Oil
  • Jhal Muri Made by Mustard Oil
  • Pickled Potatoes Made by Mustard Oil
  • Besani Sev Made by Mustard Oil
  • Yummy Brinjal Made by Mustard Oil
  • Paneer Chilly Made by Mustard Oil


We are an ISO 22000:2005 Food Safety Management System certified company along with HACCP affiliation. All types of oil offered by us are high in quality. They go through quality tests which are conducted by our professional team of quality analysts. Not only this, tests are started right from the procurement of seeds and other items from which oil is obtained. They are thoroughly checked before the process of manufacturing.

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